Case thrown out

Case thrown out

A lawsuit against the Dicoese of Albany was thrown out, partly because the alleged victim didn’t get his time frame right. The judge said that irrefutable documentary evidence proves that the priest, who conveniently has been dead for 20 years by the way and can’t defend himself, was not assigned to the parish during the years the alleged victim said he was raped. Oops.

So the guy’s lawyer tries to cover his own incompetence in failing to make sure the dates match claims that his client has psychological problems and is reluctant to admit he was abused at a later age. And that’s supposed to give me more confidence in his claims. A further example of the lawyer’s incompetence is that he included the Vatican in his lawsuit. The judge refused to consider that since the Holy See is a sovereign state and not subject to the US court.

Some people claim that false accusations almost never occur. That may be, but they do occur and I think more often than they’re willing to admit.