Carrying on the tradition

Carrying on the tradition

I was wearing my Red Sox World Series championship shirt today and Isabella noticed the Red Sox logo on it. She pointed at it and said, “Socks.” That’s one of her few words, although she’s learning more every day.

(She knows how to say, “Niiice” after a really good play by the Patriots, how to say “Touchdown” and raise her arms to signal the score, and how to say and do a high-five. All the important stuff.)

So when she recognized the logo, I said, “That’s right, honey, Red Sox.” So during prayers tonight, she kept pointing at my shirt and saying over and over, “Socks, socks, Red Sox, socks.”

A new member of Red Sox Nation has been naturalized a citizen. Melanie just rolled her eyes.

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  • It gets better, Dom—my 5-yr. old daughter can now write “Go Red Sox” and “I love the Red Sox.”  She learned it at school—the secular faith! It counteracts the effects of her Yankees-loving godmother, though.