Cardinal Law speaks publicly

Cardinal Law speaks publicly

Cardinal Law spoke publicly for the first time on leaving Boston in an interview with the archdiocesan newspaper. He said he prays for Archbishop O’Malley and the archdiocese every day, that he’s adjusting to a much different pace of life from what he had before, and that he felt like he begun to address the Scandal effectively, but that lack of confidence in his leadership was gone and it was time to go.

I might dispute whether he really had begun to address the Scandal effectively, but in any case he is gone and it does no good to rehash that. I wish him well.

There seems to be a sentiment among the Globe‘s writers that Cardinal Law should never get another assignment. Certainly, I don’t think he will ever be sent to another diocese. It would have to be an archdiocese that customarily has a cardinal at its head and that’s very unlikely to happen. But he could be given charge of a Vatican congregation. More likely, though, he continue to serve in the way is now, as a member of various congregations, traveling around the world for various tasks, like attending the welcoming Mass in Vietnam this week for Cardinal Man following his elevation as cardinal in October.