Can’t offend the Muslims

Can’t offend the Muslims

If only they were as concerned about blasphemies against Christ. Cardinal Achille Silvestrini, former prefect for the Congregation for Eastern Churches said editorial cartoons depicting Mohammed in European newspapers are “a scandal.” The cartoons were originally published in Denmark and the Foaming Bronze Age Fanatics around the world blew their tops because you can’t depict the Prophet in any way, shape, or form. In a show of support against Islamic intimidation, some French and German newspapers published them too.

But Silvestrini says this is bad, bad, bad.

In the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, Cardinal Achille Silvestrini wrote that the deliberate mockery of religious beliefs is offensive, and should be curbed. He said that the cartoons which have caused a furor across Europe and the Islamic world illustrated a tendency in Western society to consider liberty of expression as an absolute right.

Except the cartoons don’t mock Islam, they mock the violent and repressive tendencies of some Muslims.

So where was Silvestrini’s complaints when Rolling Stone blasphemously depicted hip-hop idiot Kanye West as a crucified Christ on its cover? I expect his editorial on NBC’s “Will & Grace” upcoming episode mocking Christians will be published any time now.

We’re all so afraid of offending Muslims or accusing them of being violent because, well, you know, they might commit acts of violence in retaliation. Meanwhile, Christians shuffle meekly into dhimmitude.

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