Canadian Catholic official proudly dissents

Canadian Catholic official proudly dissents

Not only does the Canadian bishops’ social justice agency advocate the use of condoms to combat AIDS in direct contradiction to the Church’s clear teaching (as evidenced in the first comment on this post), but they do so with full knowledge that what they are doing is wrong.

In an article in the Canadian newspaper The Catholic Register the head of the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace says he is “willing to take on conservative pressure groups” as his agency begins promoting contraceptives to combat AIDS in Africa. Michael Casey is a little misinformed. It’s not “conservative pressure groups” he’s opposing, but the Church’s fundamental teachings. By knowingly and openly rejecting dogma and encouraging others to do so, he is risking excommunication.

What will the Canadian bishops do about this man and this organization promoting heresy and dissent and endangering souls in their name? I think that at least Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary, who has shown himself to be a bishop who stands up for the faith, might be encouraged to do something about it.