Can the mainstream media count?

Can the mainstream media count?

In the past four days, I have seen countless news stories from news media around the world, all reporting the same stupid error. Last Friday, I blogged that eight Boston priests have been laicized by the Vatican. Yet, news story after news story (this is just one example) says seven, or to mix it up, the monsignor plus six.

Here’s the Archdiocese of Boston’s press release announcing the laicizations. Count the names. That’s eight. If they can’t even get such basic facts right, how can we trust the rest of their reporting. Or to put it another way, watch how they all parrot the same mistake over and over.

It’s not rocket science. All you have to do is go to the archdiocese’s web site and read the press release. Instead, they just slavishly copy the same (wrong) wire service story. Sheesh.

Update: Well, that explains it. Apparently they can count. They just had more information than the archdiocese put in the press release. One of the eight men was a deacon. So, seven priests plus a deacon. Their stories are inaccurate in that they’re listing only seven of the eight laicized men, but that becomes just a technicality and an omission, not an error.  And it also makes my original post in error as well, which I will fix now.

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  • Alert the press! I made a mistake. I’m not infallible. Give me a break.

    Here I’ll make it easy for you: You can’t trust the rest of my blogging. I may in fact make a mistake in the future.

    You don’t want a thoughtful response. You want to gloat over what you perceive to be my failings. I don’t have time for it.

  • Look, Kyle, Dom admitted his mistake, and fixed the original post. Not only that, he allowed posters to be alerted by e-mail about the whole thing.

    Compare that to the MSM’s usual way of “correcting” mistakes. Usually they’re buried somewhere in a below-the-fold section called “Corrections.” As for broadcast media, they usually don’t even bother.

    I think this to be the most useful, well organized, and accurate Catholic blog available. I check it every day.

    (And if I had to eat crow every time I made a mistake on my blog I’d turn into one! Sheesh.)

  • Do you think Brother Kyle is referring to one of the Fr. Corapi SWAT teams? 

    Kyle:  Kelly is right!  For all of his personal flaws, Dom’s blog is Top Notch!  However, a word of warning from one of the old salts of this blog…. Never, ever, ever go after the Blog Master here.  <u>YOU WILL LOSE!</u>

    Hey Dom, howzat I can’t find kyle on the members list?  It goes right from Kris to L?

    Vivat Jesus!

  • Once again, for everyone who hasn’t been paying attention, a blog is not a journalistic enterprise. There is no staff of fact-checkers. It is written off-the-cuff. And when I make a mistake I acknowledge it, as I did in this case.

    And part of my criticism of the mainstream media stands. Their stories are incomplete. Eight men were laicized, not seven. Only seven were priests, and the eighth is a deacon.

    As for the t-shirt. Give me a break. It doesn’t even come close to comparing to America ad. For one thing, it’s a small piece of a larger ad. For another, you may think it’s in bad taste, but it’s certainly not blasphemous.

    It’s just a t-shirt. Do i have to really put up disclaimers that not every t-shirt that appear in ads on my site reflect my belief whether people should die in a nuclear holocaust. Get a sense of perspective.

  • I’m confused. Telling someone to eat crow is supposed to be an invitation to mature conversation?

  • After all I’ve written here are you convinced I’m gloating?

    Uh…yeah, I am.

    You tell me. I hear the crows cawing once again. For whom does the crow caw? It crows for thee.

    Reads like a gloat to me.