Calif. to ban judges from Scouts?

Calif. to ban judges from Scouts?

The California Supreme Court is considering a rule to ban state judges from membership in the Boy Scouts because it “discriminates” against gays. San Francisco judges and lawyers, surprise, surprise, have already forbidden their local colleagues from the Boy Scouts and now want the whole state included.

    California judicial canons, controlled by the Supreme Court, already demand that judges divest themselves from groups that discriminate against women and minorities.
    Rules adopted seven years ago also forbid membership in organizations that discriminate against lesbians and gays but allow “nonprofit youth organizations,” an exception for the Boy Scouts.

Let’s see, what other organization is also accused of discriminating against gays and lesbians? Hmmm. Wait, I think Boy Scouts spokesman Gregg Shields knows:

    “The proposed policy would be just as as inappropriate as a policy forbidding judges from being Roman Catholic or Baptist or Orthodox Jewish or any of numerous faiths which share the Boy Scouts’ views,” he told The New York Times.

Then they’ll just ban them from belonging to any of those faiths. Pesky First Amendment, you say? Well, the First Amendment also guarantees freedom of association, too, but that isn’t stopping them.

The funny thing is that they are banning the judges and lawyers from membership in groups that discriminate, when it’s they who are discriminating against people with traditional morality.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli