Busy morning

Busy morning

What a day. I have a wife sick with a sinus infection or bronchitis, a whining baby who hardly slept last night, a ton of work on a project, and housework to do.

I might have some tome for blogging later. Blogging is not a full-time job (unlike what some people seem to think), but it still takes time.

I’ll be back later.

(I know some of you might wonder why I post these notices, but I really do get inquiries from people when I don’t blog.)

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  • Strap the baby on your hip and make your lovely wife a cup of tea. Hope she feels better soon and calm returns to Chez Bett.

  • Strapping her on my hip would be fine if I didn’t have actual work to accomplish. Those wandering hands like to touch everything on my desk. She’ll have to whine from the playpen or mommy’s lap or wherever.

  • I’ve told my co-workers that the one think worse than me catching a bad cold or flu is my wife catching one.

  • Oh, let’s talk why the Pats collapsed last night!  I have my theories:

    1.  Linebackers are too old (did anyone hear Bruschi’s or Vrabel’s name at all?)
    2.  Offense didn’t go “downfield”.  Crazy playcalling in 2nd half left defense at mercy of Manning for the entire half.