Burke under attack

Burke under attack

Larry Slattery at AMDG, who lives in St. Louis, is following up on the orchestrated campaign of letters to the editor opposing Archbishop Ryamond Burke and his defense of Church teaching. It appears that a group called Catholic Action Network for Social Justice, which apparently holds to some unorthodox beliefs, is organizing this campaign to make it look like a revolt against the bishop by the people.

Meanwhile, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorializes today that while Archbishop Burke has the right to announce the Church’s teachings, apparently that rights ends when he starts to tell people that how they vote and act in public office has moral implications. In other words, religion is all right for Sunday mornings and in your house, just let it leak out of the box into public. The editorial even fails to make logical sense:

As such, he is more closely aligned with doctrinal advocates in Rome who bemoan the “moral relativism” of the American church than with many of his colleagues in the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. That group recently affirmed its opposition to abortion but left the question of sanctions up to individual bishops in their own dioceses.

In what, then, is Burke not aligned with the USCCB? After all, the group said he could levy sanctions in his own diocese, right? (Although I disagree with the premise that the USCCB could tell him that he couldn’t do this. No bishops’ conference has such authority over a bishop.)

Archbishop Burke has courageously taken a stand. It’s up to faithful Catholics to back him up in public and in their prayers.