Bravo Bishop Olmsted (again)

Bravo Bishop Olmsted (again)

I missed this one when it first happened a few days ago. Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix has suspended a priest who refused to remove his name from a pro-gay declaration. Now that’s an episcopal spine. Father Andre Boulanger had his priestly faculties suspended because he failed to uphold his vow of obedience and because he dissents from Church teaching. Would that more bishops had the courage to demand orthodoxy from their priests, we might be poorer in the quantity of priests, but richer in quality.

Olmsted, in the suspension letter, said he was concerned “that you be faithful to the teachings of our church.” He said Boulanger would remain suspended “until such time as I have assurance from you that you do indeed believe and teach what the Church teaches about the call to holiness for homosexual persons.”

Predictably, Boulanger casts himself as the poor oppressed man of principle set upon by the benighted bishop.

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli