Boston parish closing panel for Kerry

Boston parish closing panel for Kerry

As hinted earlier this week, Catholic World News is reporting today that four of the six lay members of a new commission appointed by Boston Archbishop Sean O’Malley to review parish closing plans have donated to John Kerry and other pro-abortion politicians. One of them is the head of Catholic Charities Boston. I find it disturbing that of all the Catholics in the Archdiocese of Boston, four of the six chosen for such an important lay role, a highly visible role, should so visibly flout the teachings of the Church on abortion.

And if Archbishop Chaput is to be believed, and if one can assume they’ll vote for the candidates they give money to, they will be in an objective state of mortal sin after the election. As with the National Review Board’s pro-abortion members, this sends a very bad message to Catholics and is a cause of scandal to the faith.