Boston mayor offers an inanity defense

Boston mayor offers an inanity defense

Boston’s Mayor Tom Menino is speaking publicly for the first time about the protests against him receiving an award from Catholic Charities, despite being a pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage Catholic. And what he says is that Catholics protesting against him receiving this honor are really just mad at the Church because of the Scandal and church closings. Huh? That’s a class case of deflection and re-direction.

No, Mr. Mayor, we really are upset that you’re pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage and that Catholic Charities is intimating that it’s okay for Catholics to actively enable abortion and gay marriage as long as they also support social justice programs. The scandal we’re upset about, at least in this case, is not clergy sex-abuse, but the abuse of marriage and the ultimate child abuse.

Showing either utter ignorance or that he thinks we’re all gullible, he claims that Church teaching on abortion and gay marriage are not doctrine.

“When the pope speaks on doctrine, that is absolute,” Menino said. “I don’t think choice and gay marriage are doctrine.”

Gee, so if we could prove that so-called “choice” (i.e. abortion) and gay marriage are dealt with by doctrine, he would change his position on those teachings? Fr. Clark, you were a priest in Menino’s parish for a while. Do you buy his ignorance ploy?