Blog redesign: What I did on my vacation

Blog redesign: What I did on my vacation

For some people, vacation is a time to sit back, relax, and do nothing. But for me, on our current vacation, it’s a time to catch up on stuff I’ve been wanting to do for ages. In this case, it’s a long overdue update of this blog, Yeah, it might seem like overkill since I’ve been posting lately about once in each phase of the moon. However, I’m hoping that a fresh virtual coat of paint will give me an impetus to pick up the pace again.

The result, so far, is what I’m calling Bettnet 2.0 Beta. It’s a 90-percent functional site (a few links here and there will break if you go deep enough into dark corners and closets), but the big stuff that most people use should work. Now, I’m not ready to go live with the new design yet—there’s a few things I’m still working on—but I encourage you all to check it out and give me your feedback.

(Among the bits I still want to improve is the “mobile” version that will look nice on iPhones and other smartphones.)


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