Bleg: Emergency planner for families

Bleg: Emergency planner for families

A few years ago, probably in those “scary” pre-Y2K days, I remember hearing about a kind of planner or organizer that husbands and wives could use as a kind of “worst-case scenario” aid. It listed all the different kinds of information that families depend on that one spouse might have and the other might not.

It included such information as contact information for lawyers, doctors, accountants, financial advisers, bankers, etc.; copies of insurance forms, medical forms, government identification documents, powers of attorney, etc.; information on finances, loans, credit, the mortgage, safe-deposit boxes, ATM PINs, childrens’ medical needs; and more along those lines.

At the time I was single and didn’t think much of it, filing it in the back of my mind. Like most things I file, I can’t find it now that I want it.

For some reason, emergency and disaster preparedness has been on my mind lately (must be those S.M. Stirling books (this and this) that Dale got me reading).

Anyway, I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the thing or an author or publisher or anything that will actually bring it up on Amazon. Can anyone reading this clue me in? Do you remember it? Do you know what it’s called? Do you have one? Thanks.

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