Bishop refuses confirmation to unprepared candidate

Bishop refuses confirmation to unprepared candidate

Kudos to Bishop Edward Braxton of Belleville, Illinois. While I’ve heard some complaints about him, I have to applaud his recent stern action that sets an example for the duty of bishops and priests to properly form their people.

According to the story, Bishop Braxton showed up at a parish for an adult Confirmation but found the woman was so ill-prepared that he refused to perform the sacrament.

Nicole Schilling, of New Athens, where she attends church at a different parish, and nine of her relatives heard the bishop’s decision moments before the ceremony and angrily left the event, said Voelker. Schilling, an employee of King’s House in Belleville, a religious retreat run by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, did not bring a required baptismal certificate and was not known to the pastor of her home parish, Braxton said in a statement.

Schilling declined to comment.

Braxton told the woman she would need at least 10, one-hour education sessions and “some time for prayer and reflection,” Voelker said.

That would be Father James Voelker, pastor of St. Michael’s parish where Schilling was to be confirmed. He claimed that the woman told him that “she had completed some earlier reading about Catholicism and he thought that was enough for confirmation.” He thought that was enough? Sounds like someone else needs some remedial education too.

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