Bible Widgets

Bible Widgets

If you use a Mac running OS X, you might be interested in some very nifty Bible widgets that use OS X 10.4’s Dashboard feature. Logos Bible Widget is the simplest of the lot. You just enter in a verse and it brings it up. No frills. Unfortunately, you can only do verse searches, not keywords, and it only gives you the King James Bible. Not Catholic friendly.

An alternative would be the widget (download from Eject Media; Click on “widget”). While the Bible Gateway widget allows you to search more than 28 different translations, including Bibles in French and Spanish, using either specific verses or keywords, it still doesn’t have a specifically Catholic friendly translation available, such as RSV or NAB.

The primary reason for the lack is that both the Revised Standard Version and the New American Bible are copyrighted, and the NAB is owned by the USCCBureaucracy, which is notoriously possessive of its intellectual property rights. I wish someone would come up with a way to search either one of those online, but I’m not holding my breath.

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