Become a priest and be as wonderful as me

Become a priest and be as wonderful as me

I meant to blog on this earlier but the birth of my daughter distracted me. (Fancy that!)

Bishop Howard Hubbard of Albany was asked by his vocations director to offer "Ten Good Reasons to Become a Priest" and he obliged in his column in the diocesan newspaper. Diogenes gets to the heart of what comes out of the whole list: It's all about Hubbard.

1. Take me, for instance.
2. Then there's the model of myself.
4. A very precious example is that of my own life.
3. Let's not forget me.
5. Hubbard's the name.
6. Am I just too darling for words, or what?
7. Poor you.
8. That's Howard J. Hubbard.
9. Perhaps my personal story can help.
10. Thank you. I'd love to sing a song.

Maybe that's an exaggeration, but only slightly. It's unabashed self-hagiography.

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