Assumption of chastity on Catholic campuses

Assumption of chastity on Catholic campuses

Speaking as we did about the identity of Catholic colleges yesterday, this statement from the Cardinal Newman Society is timely. More than 50 Catholic leaders have signed a statement urging an “Assumption of Chastity” on college campuses. This was something I said in my post yesterday. Here is the preamble to the statement:

“We leaders of various Catholic apostolates encourage all Catholics, united in prayer and action, to faithfully and compassionately address rising homosexual activism, sexual scandals, pornography and sexual addiction, and harmful attitudes toward sexuality, human life, and marriage on Catholic college and university campuses. The Christian response to the wound of same-sex attraction is not hatred or discrimination, but aggressive efforts to develop a prevailing ‘assumption of chastity’ among students, faculty, administrators, staff, and trustees on Catholic campuses, and an environment available to healing.”

In fact, in many places the assumption is toward sexual immorality and a lack of chastity. How to explain that on so many Catholic college campuses, they spend so much time talking about safe sex and date rape and acceptance of homosexuality and all the rest and so little time comparatively teaching continence and chastity and self-control and the truth of human sexuality? The statement offers a ten-point list of actions that every Catholic college should pledge to take.

The List

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