For the Feast of the Assumption, we went to Mass this morning at the the Carmelite chapel in the nearby Northshore Mall in Peabody, Mass. (Interesting: I blogged about the chapel exactly one year ago today).

Incidentally, this is the same chapel in which Scott Hahn attended an Assumption Mass around the time of his conversion and where he had his famous encounter with Fr. Killian Healy, theologian and author of the book “The Assumption of Mary” (sadly out of print). This is all detailed in Scott’s book “Hail, Holy Queen”

As usual, it was a reverent Mass. The average age was north of 65 I think, but well attended. Isabella was very good as usual and even tried kneeling after the Agnus Dei. That was the first time for her. She also wanted to read her new “Hail Mary” board book, which seemed appropriate.

So now she naps and after we’re going to the park to meet up with friends on this beautiful day.

“My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord!”

  • No, we’re still at Immaculate Conception in Salem. We’re only a block or two outside of the parish borders in Peabody and we’ll be moving in the next year anyway so it doesn’t make sense to register in a new parish now.

  • now, I love the Blessed MOther, and I love the feast of the Assumption, but it always strikes me as kind of funny that, with all our sophisticated arguments and theology and apologetics, we yet have a doctrine that’s name is “the assumption.”