Ask Massachusetts bishops to defend religious freedom

Ask Massachusetts bishops to defend religious freedom

The group Christi Fideles, an association of Boston-area Catholics who organized last December to petition the Boston archdiocese for action when Catholic Charities was honoring Mayor Tom Menino, has an email petition letter that they’re asking people to sign for distribution to Archbishop Sean O’Malley, the other bishops of Massachusetts, Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re of the Vatican’s Congregation for Bishops, and Archbishop Pietro Sambi, the apostolic nuncio.

The letter asks that rather than capitulate to the homosexual agenda, the Church should fight for her religious freedom against this unjust law that requires children be placed for adoption with gays.

Women with crisis pregnancies now face two evils: abortion and potentially placing their child in a homosexual home. Most importantly, all children are now at risk of being placed in environments that our Church—and natural law—tell us are not conducive to their full human development. The Boston Archdiocese and general public need Catholic Charities and the episcopal leadership to clearly explain this Church teaching by proactively engaging and educating society, not by remaining silent.

If you’re interested in signing this letter, go to the link above.

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