As bad as it is here…

As bad as it is here…

I mentioned LA Catholic in my previous post. Another thought: As bad as things can be in the Boston archdiocese, they’re nowhere near as bad as they are in Los Angeles. I read the blog and can only come to one conclusion: the American schism has already happened; we just haven’t named it yet. Yeesh.

When does Mahony reach retirement age?

  • This is just disgraceful and sickening.  I had read of crazy things in the LA Archdiocese, but the Sister Susie strut tops them.  Cardinal Mahony has an ego that knows no bounds, so there is no use looking for help from that quarter, not with his liturgical dancers, the expensive crackerbox cathedral, etc.

    I grew up during the papacy of Pius XII and John XXIII.  Most Catholics would never have believed that this kind of crap could ever happen to their Church.  But there were some, who were considered harmless nut cases, who saw the hand of the devil taking one of the oars of the craft of Peter, and steering the boat into deeply troubled waters.  Well, the “nut cases” were right. 

    St Benedict Joseph Labre pray for us.

  • Don’t forget that another clock is ticking for the good cardinal: every day is one day sooner that the goods will come out on Mahony’s little shell game with the sick and evil homosexual predator priests.  I wonder if even the LA Times can help him out of that mess.  He may find himself gone sooner than 5 1/2 years.

  • I vote for the “Grand Destruction of the Sacrament of Ordination.”

    For the sake of argument, let’s just suppose that destruction was the objective all along.  First destroy the credibility of the priesthood through immorality.  Next be sure that anyone who actually believes in Catholicism would be so uncomfortable in the seminary that they left.  Then it’s an easy step to tweak ordination to suit the shortage you’ve created.

    There is a prime objective—and only one—wipe the Eucharist off the face of the earth.  It’s a plan born in hell.  You can read the plan in the reports of its results.  And there is only one source for such a diabolical plan.  I trust I don’t need to name it.

    The whole sexual abuse scandal is of a piece with the heresy in our midst.

    Lord have mercy on your Church!

  • Sad. Very sad. Of course, if mahony’s supporters are as dense as the idiot using a masonry hammer to tack up his ‘theses’, it won’t be long before the inevitable fate of mortality reduces the ranks. Those pics had me laughing for quite a while.

    If the LA DA ever develops the stones to seize mahony’s files – and eventually mahony will submit them – Boston and Covington will look like a tupperware party. One would think that B-XVI might let ‘the American Pope’ twist in the wind, too.

  • As abominable as all these horrid things are occurring in the Church and society,
    we need to remember that we as Christians and even from our Judaic roots, we have lived mostly through awful times.  Whether in ancient Israel, early Christianity, the times of the Arians, Albigensians, the great Schism of the 11th Century, the religious wars after Luther and Calvin, 16th and 17th Century English persecutions, the French Revolution, Nazism, communism, and Islamicism, modern relatavism, etc., the people of God have been sujected to awful trials.

    Sister Susie, Matthew Fox, Cardinal Mahony and Bishop Lynch, et al, are moribund characters lost in a drama beyond their picayune lives.

    Always: now, then and forever, Christ redeems.  And the light of His Church will burn brightly on the hill forever.

  • thank you, john.
    always good to remember the historical perspective: Christ is the Lord of History, King yesterday, today and tomorrow.
    This mess we find ourselves in is the latest in a very long series of very nasty skirmishes but we know who will win the war. In fact the war is won in the grand scheme. (which does not mean that the battles remaining do not matter, of course that goes without saying, souls are still at stake.)

  • As much as I have charity issues with my cardinal here in Los Angeles, I’ve tried to stretch my imagination to put him in at least a human light.

    You can see the latest effort here.