Arnold: Drop your principles; embrace mine

Arnold: Drop your principles; embrace mine

The headline says it all here: “Schwarzenegger to Stimulus Opponents: Economy More Important Than Principles”. For some people, perhaps some politicians, so-called “principles” are merely malleable positions espoused for the purpose of scoring political victories, easily jettisoned when the shifting tides of politics dictate. But for the rest of us, principles are closely held beliefs, based on considered cogitation, that define our approach to the world as a reality.

In other words, if they really are principles then they are not in conflict with what we truly believe to be the best way to, in this example, fix the economy. Principles are supposed to be our fundamental approach to the world.

What we can do with less of are political games of one-upmanship designed to elevate the players and score media points. You know, like attacking your supposed fellow-travelers in your party for favorable quotes in the media.


  • I think it is pretty obvious to everyone how such a philosophy has formed California’s financial situation.

    This morning at Mass, our priest advocated The Catholic Stimulus Plan, which basically called for accountability, remorse for offenses, and communion with one another and God … a.k.a, Confession and the Eucharist.

  • Mr. Schwartzenegger was a far better actor than he is a governor.  I thought one of the greatest injustices of the last century was him not getting the Best Actor Oscar for “Conan the Destroyer!”

    I blame him for making CA (along with AZ, FL, MI and NV the epicenter of the mortgage foreclosure CRISIS that is devouring us) one of the five states that have destroyed the US housing market and the economy.