Arm yourself with Battlebeads

Arm yourself with Battlebeads


I picked up a new chaplet from a local New Hampshire Rosary maker online whose web site is entitled appropriately for Memorial Day, Battlebeads, as in “beads with which to do spiritual battle.”

While there are very many nice-looking rosaries, I already have perfectly good ones at the moment. But what caught my eye was the USA Chaplet, a set of beads that includes 5 groups of 4 beads along with a special prayer for blessings and a protective hand for the United States. This is an approved devotion, having received the Nihil Obstat from the Bishop of Manchester, NH. So I bought one for myself, which you can see in the attached photoH.

What’s especially nice is that the proprietress of prays for each person who buys a rosary or chaplet in particular; she touches each set of beads to a first-class relic, making it a third-class relic; and asks you to pray for her ministry and include her your intentions.

The joy that fills my soul as my hands create these prayerful gifts is astounding. Oftentimes, as I am working, I have an audio or video of the rosary or Chaplet of Divine Mercy on and I pray with each bead I add. Additionally, when I’m done with each rosary, I pray at least a chaplet on each one before they’re packaged.
When I receive an email of a sale, I immediately say a prayer for the buyer, who later gets ‘perpetually enrolled’ in my 3PM daily prayers. I am now, offering monthly Masses in addition to the annual Novena of Masses for all my customers and their intentions from the Seraphic Mass Association.

The prices are also obviously set to cover the cost of materials and shipping, not her labor. This is a labor of love for her. If you’re interested in a new rosary or chaplet for yourself or as a gift, I would recommend you check out Battlebeads.


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  • Thank you so VERY much for your most kind words regarding the USA Chaplet, BattleBeads and myself! May Our dear Lord bless you and yours abundantly for helping to promote what I believe to be an important prayer for the times in which we live. We should all strive to seriously think about the time we give to our leisure activities and hobbies and compare it to the time we give to Jesus, in prayer and visiting Him in the Tabernacle. Let’s all realize that we may be IN the world, but not OF the world. We must recall our ultimate destination that will last for eternity and not live as if this earth is all there is. God bless … and PRAY for the USA and all world leaders!