Archbishop O’Malley hospitalized

Archbishop O’Malley hospitalized

Boston’s Archbishop Sean O’Malley has been hospitalized with an ear infection. It doesn’t seem too serious and they expect him to be back in the office by Monday.

The hospitalization forced him to cancel an appearance in Lawence, a city with a high poverty level, to give $500,000 from the archdiocese to a new soup kitchen that will serve 197,000 meals per year. I’m astounded that the total amount needed for this ... soup kitchen seems an inadequate description… is $2 million. The pastor there has already raised $900,000, including donations from Conan O’Brien who is a high school buddy of Fr. Paul O’Brien (no relation). They will need another $400,000 to open next year.

Wow! Our parish’s food pantry, which is not a small operation by any means having won an award as best food pantry in Boston last year, didn’t spend even a small fraction of that in the past year, including uprooting from their closing parish and moving to ours and redecorating the space!