Anti-Christian bias: OK; gay bashing: Not

Anti-Christian bias: OK; gay bashing: Not

A student newspaper at the University of Virginia has published several cartoons blaspheming Jesus and Mary, but defended the action by claiming “Under our newspaper’s policies, satire of religion, or any other belief or creed, is acceptable.” Yet, when a cartoon in the same newspaper described a crane as the “gayest-looking of all birds,” the newspaper published a retraction and an apology for offending homosexuals. Need I mention that the University of Virginia is a taxpayer-funded government entity?

In a way, the editor’s defense of the anti-Christian cartoons is refreshing in its honesty. He’s saying that the editors hold religion in contempt and feel free to blaspheme and offend whenever they want. What profiles in courage.

In that case, I have a religion for them to satire. In fact, the cartoons are online and freely available. Or do the brave editors of the U of V’s newspaper only satire religions whose adherents won’t burn down your building and threaten your life?


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