Anti-Catholic gay groups at Catholic colleges

Anti-Catholic gay groups at Catholic colleges

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  • This is interesting to me because today I read an article the Boston Globe ran about Dignity back in August, 1982.

    Curiously enough, Dignity/Boston was filled with righteous (apparently, to the Globe) indignation. Why? Because the then Cardinal Archbishop, Humberto Medeiros had removed a priest from ministering “specifically to gays and other sexual minorities such as transvestites and transsexuals.”

    Dignity, in Boston, was the a ringleader of, among others, the 2002 Good Friday protest around the Cathedral of the Holy Cross to demand the head of Cardinal Mederios’s successor…using “child abuse” as its theme.

    Oh, the priest that Cardinal Medeiros removed back in 1979?

    The priest that Dignity and other gay activists hailed as “a sign?”

    The priests whose removal, according the Globe, “was taken by many gays as a slap in the face”?

    That would be the Reverend Paul Shanley.