Another “vigil” begins

Another “vigil” begins

So much for offering an olive branch. Archbishop Sean O’Malley had his extended hand of peace spit upon by disgruntled parishioners. A fourth parish has begun a 24-hour “prayer vigil” protesting plans to close it.

Last week, the archbishop said he was postponing yesterday’s planned closing for St. Bernard’s in Newton while, basically, the parishioners got used to the idea.  Of course, that wasn’t good enough. It’s either all or nothing. They want the archbishop to capitulate completely, because after all they’re a wealthy parish full of influential people and they should get their way.

On the one hand, the archbishop isn’t supposed to close redundant parishes that serve poor people because it would be unjust to treat that way the poor who can’t afford to take care of their property. But he can’t close redudant parishes that serve rich people because they are financially self-sufficient and, by the way, he’s just trying to get his hands on their valuable property. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.