Another encyclical already?

Another encyclical already?

New rumors from Rome are that Pope Benedict is already at work on his next encyclical. And we thought JP2 was prolific. Of course, Benedict is the first pope to have written so many books prior to being elected.

Sources close the Holy See have indicated that Pope Benedict XVI is preparing his first social encyclical, which may be entitled “Labor Domini,” or, “The Work of the Lord.”

According to the report, which has not yet been officially confirmed by the Holy See, the encyclical would present a Christian vision of human work and address the importance of work for society. Likewise, it would explore the necessity and duty of the human person to work in some capacity.

On the other hand, Leo XIII was certainly the most prolific pope. He wrote 27 encyclicals in addition to all his other letters and such.

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  • I am hoping he’ll do more than write encyclicals.

    I’d like to see him formally define some dogmas/doctrine that will squash dissent.

    I’d like to see definitions in the areas of:

    (defining the meaning of marriage, and how sex is reserved for marriage, and that deliberate sexual acts outside the context of marriage are intrinsically evil, especially homosexual acts and masturbation)
    (I know we have Humana Vitae, but it would be great to put the nail in the coffin on this one too)
    (just for good measure, to show there is no such thing as a pro-choice Catholic)
    women’s ordination
    (so as to finally close the door on this one too)

    If he’d define these things, it would force people to either give up their fantasies or admit they lost their faith long ago and have no interest in really being Catholic.

    In fact, I’d be up for a syllabus of errors condemning all sorts of errors in modern philosophy and theology.

    I’d love to see a universal indult for the Tridentine Mass, too.

    All of these things could only help the Church.

  • those doctrines are already clearly defined to anyone who isn’t deliberately ignoring them. If people are ignoring them now, chances are pretty good they will continue to ignore them when they are promulgated by a new pope. They are the kind of people who already think they can call themselves Catholic while continuing to believe whatever they want.

  • melaniebett, although they are clear teachings, there is belief that there is room for dissent, as there is no formal definition, therefore the matters are believed unsettled with room for discussion.  We know there isn’t.  The Pope needs to make it clear to the world (not just liberal Catholics) that such teachings are of faith and irreformable.