An open letter to Bishop Pilla

An open letter to Bishop Pilla

Catholic Citizens of Illinois has put on its web site an open letter to Bishop Anthony Pilla of Cleveland that it says is from concerned Catholics in that diocese, although I don’t see any other attribution.

In any case, the letter recounts puts together the statistics regarding the incidence of homosexuality among priests, the number of cases of abuse in the Scandal that can be traced to homosexuality, and the presence of a Gay Pride banner on the diocese’s web site and asks why it should be displayed there so prominently, especially considering the published statements of the office’s director that contradict the Church’s teachings on chastity and sexuality.

I do disagree with the appeal to the seven deadly sins, especially to that of “pride”. As far as I know the list of the seven deadly sins is not authoritative in Catholic teaching, which isn’t to say that they aren’t sins. But there is pride and then there is pride. You can take pride in the achievements of your child. But to be pridefully arrogant is another matter.

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