An honest politician, but not yet faithful

An honest politician, but not yet faithful

New Jersey’s pro-abortion Catholic governor says he won’t receive Communion in public. I’m not sure what that means. Is he going to receive in the sacristy? Is he going to have private Masses? In any case, at least he’s obedient to the Church and recognizes that he has to obey the lawful and correct admonishment of his bishop.

Now if only he would reform his position and recognize the error of his support for abortion, stem cell research, cloning, and other issues. But then accepting that he has separated himself from communion may be the first step in changing himself.

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  • McGreevy (my governor, sadly) is a moral atrocity (support for abortion, homosex, cloning, divorce, etc. etc.).  He is the consummate politician, and he is not even very good at that.  This thing about not taking Communion in public is, rest assured, typical politico weasel-wording.  What he is trying to say is that he still has a ‘right’ to Communion, but that he’ll not offend us all by taking it before us.  What a transparent maroon.  New Jersey is going to quickly go the way of California.  Watch.  You heard it here first.