An alliance of Catholics and Evangelicals

An alliance of Catholics and Evangelicals

The Italian news service L’Espresso writes that the meeting between Bush and the Pope last week marks the alliance between Catholics and Evangelicals in the US, with a key role played by Fr. Richard Neuhaus. The article also quotes an Italian journalist who says the Pope has made known his preference for Bush’s re-election in November and pledged to help him with Catholic voters. Hmm, we’ll have to see. Italian journalists have a habit of hyperbole.

  • It would be interesting to see if Kerry makes an attempt to meet with the Pope prior to November.  Typically June or July is the only time available for a candidate to show some foreign policy cred.p>

    As for Catholics, you might as well look for a voting block among people whose last name has an even number of letters.

  • The biggest divide in our country is between those who believe in God and His son, and those who do not.  Evangelicals and serious Catholics are far closer than divided.

  • The Washington Post claimed in the headlines at least that the Pope was scolding Bush.  I think it is a lying rag, personally, but it sure doesn’t think the Pope is on Bush’s side…