Allen interviews McCarrick

Allen interviews McCarrick

John Allen interviewed Cardinal Theodore McCarrick last week and it is the most jumbled, evasive bit of spinning I’ve seen in a while. Right off the bat, he throws smoke over Cardinal Arinze’s comments on pro-abortion politicians receiving Communion. He says that the cardinal wasn’t giving his official or personal opinion, but was just repeating the Church’s official teaching. Maybe to some American bishops there is a difference, but I think for Cardinal Arinze his official and personal opinions and the Church’s teaching are all one and the same thing.

  • This only confirms me in the view that the American episcopacy is completely politicized.

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    As I recall, when the Holy Father met in Rome with a delegation of our bishops as the sexual scandal was beginning to unfold, he told them that all bishops and priests must abide by the Church’s teaching on morality and especially sexual morality.  If the bishops of our country would simply follow the Holy Father’s lead and insist that all priests will be held accountable to hold and teach the Church’s entire doctrine on faith and morality including especially her teaching on homosexuality, most homosexual priests would be disqualified.  There are VERY FEW homosexual priests who will accept the Church’s teaching that the homosexual inclination is an objective disorder.

    What frustrates me is that so many seminary rectors and spiritual directors continue to insist that a homosexual man can be a priest as long as he remains celibate.  That is NOT enough.  He must accept and teach the Church’s faith and morality in its ENTIRETY.  What will a homosexual priest tell a homosexual who comes to him for spiritual advice about his homosexuality?  Will he give the Church’s teaching on homosexuality in its entirety or his own personal opinion?

  • When I saw the title I thought the guy was canned for fooling around in Massachusetts.

  • Thank you, Leonard, for your post.  You’re absolutely right.  The Church is heavily overloaded with homosexual priests who are 1) (homo)sexually active; 2) dissenting from Catholic sexual morality; 3) who are attracted to teenage boys.  I read a couple of years ago of a mom whose teenage son started engaging in homosexual acts with other teenage boys and young men.  She went looking for a priest to counsel the young man, and to help him turn away from such perversity.  Fifteen or so priests told her that it was no big deal, and actually refused to counsel the boy away from his disordered sexual lusts.  Finally, she found one who would counsel true Catholic sexual morality (which is given to us by God out of pure and unadulterated love).  The boy refused to listen to the priest.  The boy (now a man), suffers from AIDS and other sexual diseases, and has led a life of sexual promiscuity – and, like so many homosexual men (and priests), has become a true slave to his disordered and selfish passions.  How sad…  And here’s the thing…  Don’t the leaders of our Church now realize, after its own homosexual holocaust, that sin of this sort, if condoned, will only kill and demoralize and lead people away from God?  I guess not.  And it’s not just homosexuals…  I know many, many Catholics around here who now see the Church as completely infiltrated by the lies of Sodom…  I know for me – with two teenage sons, I’d be AFRAID to have a priest counsel my son these days about anything relating to sexual morality.  Because, frankly, my wife and I do not know who to trust anymore.  For us, we do not consider the priests around here allies in our struggle to inculcate our children with true Catholic sexual morality – and many of them we consider to be enemies.  One of the saddest things in my life is to become afraid of priests being around my sons.  But I am, and I have good reason to be…  The Church needs to de-homosexualize – or it will become permanently associated with sodomy in the minds of millions…