All Souls Day: Requiem

All Souls Day: Requiem

In honor of All Souls Day, Melanie has created a photo-and-music slideshow of our local Catholic cemetery, which she has titled “Requiem”.

I took so many photos the other day in the cemetery that I decided to make a slide show. I had the perfect piece of music in mind from an album I love called Celtic Requiem. It was only after I’d started assembling the pictures and viewed a rough cut with the soundtrack that I realized how appropriate it was for the season. The project became a meditation on the meaning of All Souls Day and a perfect commemoration.

Although I had taken many pictures, once I got them all together I realized I wanted a few more to fill up the length of the song. So I went back yesterday with my camera and went crazy getting all the shots I’d wished I had. Too many! Now I have enough pictures for three slide shows. It was hard to cut some of them, they were all so beautiful; but finally I pruned it down to just enough to fill the song’s five minutes.

So here it is, in honor of All Souls. Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon them.