All hail the Obamessiah

All hail the Obamessiah

This is just creepy.

Imagine for a moment that this is an Evangelical Jesus camp and the children are singing about how McCain is going to save the world when he’s president. The howls from the Left would be deafening. They would be threatening to remove the children from their homes to de-program them.

But this is supposed to be enlightening. We’re also supposed to be believe that the children came up with this on their own. Right. This is obviously orchestrated by an adult. The camera work alone smacks of professional production standards. They’re even offering the video in both standard definition and high definition to the media.

Keep at it, Obamaniacs, keep up the messianic talk and let the rest of America realize the cult of personality that has formed behind this politician, the blind religious fervor that sees any opposition to his election as not just a difference of opinion, but an embodiment of evil. How long before the jihad? How long before the holy war on the unbelievers?