Added to the list

Added to the list

Surprise! The Archdiocese of Boston has informed 37 more parishes that are on the list of parishes considered for closure. It doesn’t mean that they will close, but that they might be, because they were recommended by the regional vicar. Some people are getting an unhappy surprise. I would guess that at least an additional parish in Salem is being notified.

After the mess of a cluster meeting here in March in which one parish was celebrating because they avoided being listed, I warned that it wasn’t the last word. At least two parishes in Salem are going to close whether we recommend two or not. I assume that’s what happened.

That brings the total number of parishes being considered to about 140. Of course, most of those won’t be closing. I suspect the number will be between 40 and 60, and likely closer to 60.

The archdiocese is making the list of 37 additional parishes public tomorrow.