Abysmally stupid politicans

Abysmally stupid politicans

Former attorney general Ramsey Clark compared Jesus Christ to a terrorist. Apparently speaking in response to Jerry Falwell’s contention that Islam-founder Mohammed could be called a terrorist, Clark opened his mouth and proved himself a fool.

    The Christian Church overwhelmingly—there are exceptions—who choose to call Mohammed a terrorist.  They could call Jesus a terrorist too,” said Clark.  “I mean, he was pretty tough on money lenders a time or two.”

Mohammed led an army, overthrowing governments and setting in motion a movement that conquered nations across the Middle East, northern Africa, and parts of Europe. Jesus, in righteous anger, whipped money lenders in His Father’s temple. I don’t think it compares.

Part of the problem is that terrorism has become an amorphous term that can mean anything that the speaker desires it to. Cutting down a tree is terrorism, running over a deer is terrorism, buying an SUV is terrorism.

    Clark also expressed his admiration for Muslims and pointed to the U.S. prison population as an example. “The greatest moral force there by far is Islam because it is present in the prisons,” said Clark.

There are a lot of Muslims in prison, mainly black Muslims. Many of those self-proclaimed Muslims are in violent prison gangs. This is a good thing? Okay, even if we assume that he’s only referring to faithful Muslims, haven’t Christian chaplains been in prisons for a lot longer? Don’t we hear about men who discover Jesus in prison all too often?

By the way, Clark is in Washington to lead an anti-war protest on Martin Luther King Day. Get this: They plan to demand access to the White House and the Washington Naval Yard to inspect for weapons of mass destruction. I can’t believe this guy was once a cabinet-level official in our government. Hey Ramsey, the US has weapons of mass destruction. We don’t hide it. But, see, the difference is that the US is not a country led by an evil regime and Iraq is. There is no moral equivalency between the two.

If there’s so little difference between the US and Iraq, I encourage you to move to Iraq, apply for citizenship, and then stage a protest in Baghdad. I think you’ll notice a difference in the treatment you get from the Powers That Be. Here, you’ll be scorned and left to rage at the wind. In Baghdad, you’ll experience something that will sting a little more than scorn.