A yearlong process?

A yearlong process?

I don’t know who the Boston Herald is using as sources, but it doesn’t take a year to replace an archbishop. The newspaper is discussing what would happen if Cardinal Law resigns and its sources say the Vatican may not want to send a new leader.

    “What man in his right mind wants to step into this mess?’’ said a source. “Remember that replacing an archbishop is a yearlong process - why not have Law handle the dirty work until then?”

What year? It takes about two seconds for the pope to sign an order. Consider that when Cardinal Medeiros died suddenly, it took about six months to select Law to replace him. Now consider that with Law offering his resignation in April and having it refused, and all the public furor, some people at the Vatican have to have been thinking about who would end up here.

I’m not saying that Law is going to resign this week, but take whatever the regular media says with a grain of salt.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli