A prayerful witness to the Evil Party

A prayerful witness to the Evil Party

Last week, I posted a notice from Deacon Dana Christensen, a seminarian from St. Louis, who was part of an organized protest of Catholics at a Kerry event there. Well, you should read both parts of his report on the reception they got (part 1, part 2).

It’s about what you’d expect from Kerry supporters: hatred, vile insults, assault, and so on. (I do have to make one point: Being denied entrance was not a violation of their First Amendment rights. The First Amendment applies to the government, i.e. the government cannot censor your speech. But the Kerry campaign, as a private organization, is free to rent out a public space and only allow those it wants to be allowed in. After all, if the Pope were celebrating Mass in the same arena, we’d expect anit-Catholics to not be allowed entrance either.) Still, I commend these Catholics for standing up for the faith and providing a good witness. If only the rest of America could see the differences between the two sides. On the one hand, calm, prayerful witness and on the other, a display of moral and personal corruption that would make most Americans think twice about being in the same camp as these people.

[Thanks to Earl for the link.]