A match made in Catholic apostolate heaven

A match made in Catholic apostolate heaven

Dawn Eden has a new job at The Cardinal Newman Society as director of their new Love & Responsibility Program. I think that’s great news for both of them.

I interviewed for a job at CNS last fall and while I didn’t think it was the right job for me, I completely support them and heir aims. And I’ve also been an admirer of Dawn’s work in the realm of life, love, and chastity for some time so I’m glad to see them coming together, especially since it means she can concentrate on this work full time.

Dawn describes the program:

The Love and Responsibility project is a truly proactive initiative aimed at restoring the assumption of chastity on participating campuses. As director, my job will include assembling experts to develop a program that will engage Catholic colleges’ students and faculty in transforming their campus environment to encourage chastity. As the society’s Web site states, the aim is to reclaim the campus culture, providing students with “a clear understanding and respect for Church teachings on sexuality, marriage and human life.”

(I also like the Society’s new web site. Represents them much better, in my opinion.)

N.B. I hope to be able to announce some job-related news on my part very soon. Very soon.

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  • Dom,
    Thanks for the info about The Cardinal Newman Society.  Continued success to Patrick Reilly. Special prayers for Dawn Eden.  How about forwarding your article to Chris Godfrey at http://WWW.lifeathletes.org.