A little experiment

A little experiment

As an experiment, I have turned off registered member-only commenting. Now anyone can comment even if they have not registered. This is made possible by the fact that my blog software has new spam-security features.

This experiment will last as long as spam doesn’t find a way around the security and it isn’t abused by trolls and various other undesirables.

It is still preferable for you to be registered as member of Bettnet so that you don’t have to go through the extra security steps. For the blind or visually impaired, membership will still be necessary because the security feature requires the ability to see an image on the page.

I hope this opens up commenting to a lot more people and generate more interesting comment threads.

  • Cornelius: And I never wanted to require registration, but those darn spammers were ruining it for everyone. Hopefully the new security features will make this better for all of us.

  • Dom, Was it just spam or did you ever get less then “happy” posters. I’m currently dealing with anonymous posts on my blog. I use to have no comments, but allowed people to email me. I always recieved nice well mannered emails from people who disagreed with me, but argh… lately. It is like dealing with people with road rage.

  • Renee: It was spam which usually took the form of vague praise—“I agree with what you say”—and then a link to some gambling or pharmaceutical or completely immoral site of the form: “I think you’d be interested in this site.” They would be posted by the hundreds usually overnight. The second time that happened, I turned on the option for comments from registered users only.

    Thanks to everyone for your compliments. I greatly appreciate it.