A landmark for St. Albert’s (and not the one you think)

A landmark for St. Albert’s (and not the one you think)

As the occupation of the former St. Albert’s parish languishes on past 100 days, all the liberal media are regaling us with the importance of the protest to the future of the Church. To hear them tell it, it is the beginning of a revolution that will sweep the Church and usher in a new progressive era. I’m afraid they’re going to be sorely disappointed.

(By the way, read this entry to the end for the real kicker that’s emblematic of the whole mess and the foul-ups both in the former parish and the archdiocese.)

But all these people in church every day and night, it must be doing wonders for their prayer life, right? I mean, isn’t that what this is about, their faith, not the community activities?

Eileen Rowan, 62, sits in a pew for three hours after work each Friday, listening to Rod Stewart CDs and reading romance novels. John Mullin, 58, waits in his wheelchair in the foyer, clutching a chain to attach himself to the door in case church officials try to seize the building.

Real edifying. From what I’ve read, this is fairly representative of daily life in the church. Is this what they’re trying to save this church for?