A healing of the rift?

A healing of the rift?

Rumors are starting to fly that something big is in the works with regard to the Society of St. Pius X. Word from Rome is that we should keep an eye over the next few days and the vibrations are that this could be the healing of the split (although undoubtedly there will always be hardliners who refuse to return unless they get all of their demands).

There’s evidently a big meeting of the SSPX in France on Wednesday and if this happens, a big announcement could come then.

Lots of ifs and maybes. The reality is that it could be six days or six years before something like a resolution to the problem comes about. Here’s what Phil Lawler of Catholic World News had to say in his daily mailing today.

The rumor mill is churning with suggestions that the Vatican could be close to an agreement with the Society of St. Pius X, ending the long breach between that traditionalist group and the Holy See. We have no concrete news to offer yet. But we’re watching closely. For now, be prepared!

On another note, he also reminds us that one year ago today was the last public appearance of Pope John Paul II where he addressed the crowd. Tempus fugit.

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  • The traditionalist movement thrives on rumors. So often nothing happens. Like the rumor about an expected Vatican decision on November 19 to revalidate Quo Primum. Nothing happened. Behind these rumors might be nothing more than an attention-craving computer geek. 

    But I hope I’m wrong.