A German view

A German view

IgnatiusInsight.com interviews Msgr. Michael R. Schmitz, a native German now living in the US as provincial superior of the Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign Priest, a Traditional Latin Mass community faithful to the Church. He recalls his own encounters with Pope Benedict, but also talks about Germany’s history, its role in the Church, and its role in Europe, as well as its recent shameful history. I learned a bit about how Germans see themselves, not just as Germans, but also with very much a regional identity as well. He also speaks about the crisis of faith in Europe.

Europe as a whole is secularized to the point that its political authorities seem to be afraid to acknowledge the Christian roots of its civilization. This behavior could be compared to a child denying his mother in her very presence.

What an interesting image. Certainly, that is what it is like. And imagine how the mother must be made to feel about that. Essentially Europe is like a petulant and rebellious teen who thinks she can head out on her own and is fully independent of her mother. Until, that is, the day comes when she realizes she cannot do it on her own and must come back to mother, seeking her help. I hope that Europe does not wait too long.

  • when you look at the advances the socialist movements in Europe have made over the past four decades, it realy isn’t hard to see the erosion of the faith. though the socialists may ot be in the majority, there is enough there to develop influence.

    Ab. Burke invited ICK to StL and they have been met with a rousing welcome. Good things going on in their parish – St Agatha’s if you’re in the area.

  • Msgr. Schmitz visited our parish (St. Margaret Mary’s, Oakland, Ca.)
    last January to welcome our new priest from Christ the King Institue. Msgr. Schmitz impressed me and we at
    St. MM’s are grateful to have a CTK priest at our parish.

  • To many rebellous teen runaways end up living (and dying) on the streets a thousand miles from home, often being taken advantage of, pray that this is not the fate of Europe too!