A Disney film that promotes traditional values

A Disney film that promotes traditional values

On the other end of the spectrum from Michael Moore’s America-last, Bush-hating, lying rant-amentary is America’s Heart & Soul, a new movie from Walt Disney that gives portraits of average Americans from every spectrum. It’s supposed to be uplifting and to continue to ride on the coattails of The Passion by tapping into the newfound desire of Americans for films that honot traditional values. It’s even got Disney providing free Bible study guides based on references to faith mentioned in the movie. Imagine that. It opens on July 2.

  • Disney has been hostile to Christian morals and belief for years…  Now that they can make a buck on the Bible, they’re rushin’ forward to do so…  Disney has no values, other than to make money.

  • I’ve had an “ani-mouse” against Disney for lo these many years, but I wonder . . . just as boycotts force capitalists to change their ways, might not positive reinforcement?  Yes, a cynic would say that it’s only for the cause of money—and that cynic would probably be right—BUT IF THEY CHANGE, is it not the beginning of virtue?  I doubt that this film is Biblical in any way, but why not support it just for its break with the past?  Imagine Disney cashing in bigtime on the film and making more family films in the future as a result?  Isn’t that what we want?  In short, who cares about their reason for doing “good,” even if it’s only because they’re “doing well.”

  • I am afraid that I am cynical and mostly agree with Sinner but if it means that the MOUSE is seeking a more positive and moral image—I’ll go along with that. I just wonder what “bibles” they’re giving out?(Goofy translations??) Oops, Sorry!!